I passed the exam

03/23/2018 I recently passed the Master level Social Work licensing exam. I feel that the study guide I bought from Licensing ExAm Preparation Services, LLC played a large role in my passing the exam. I highly recommend this company and the study guides they produce. Jessica NV


03/15/2018 After many years and several attempts, I FINALLY passed the LCSW exam!!! I attribute successfully passing the LCSW exam to a strong support system, a positive mantra “I GOT THIS”, and the LEAP materials. I used the online practice exams, audio and written materials to help prepare for the exam. Thank you to my…

The Real Deal

01/01/2018 I live in NY and recently passed the LCSW exam on the second try. I did not use the LEAP manual the first try, due to going to boot camp training for one day. They sell you a thin book and a pipe dream. I do not recommend the Boot Camp; it tries to…


09/25/2017 Today I passed the clinical licensing exam and I have LEAP to thank! I purchased the comprehensive study guide along with the DSM-5 study guide. I studied for 2 months–Read through the material, made notecards, and completed the case scenarios in the DSM 5 study guide. I studied from other material previously that was…

Test made simple.

06/12/2017 I have horrible test anxiety so I needed the BEST material out there in order to reduce the anxiety. I was hesitant about LEAP but I gave it a chance. I read it 3 times like it was recommended and purchased the DSM diagnostic book as well. When the “Pass” appeared I was ecstatic….