A Social Worker’s Anger

 A Social Worker’s Anger

Question: During a session with a 36-year-old female client, a social worker becomes angry in response to the woman’s tone of voice. Very likely, the social worker is experiencing A. EmpathyB. Reaction formationC. TransferenceD. Countertransference Answer: The correct answer is “D” – Countertransference, which refers to a mental health provider responding to a client as…

Community Organization Process

Community Organization Process

Question: What is the second step in the community organizing process:A. Community assessmentB. Community outreach and obtaining inputC. Build local leadershipD. Mobilize people Answer:The correct answer is “B” – Community outreach and obtaining input. The first six steps in community organizing are generally referred to as follows: (1) Community Assessment; (2) Community outreach and obtaining…

Day of Exam Test Tips – Test site challenges and more!

1. If there is an issue of significance at the test site, call ASWB immediately. Upon starting the exam, ASWB has a form that you sign indicating consent to proceed. It is challenging to get a refund or rectify a problem once you submit the form and begin your exam. 

2. Read every question twice, especially the last sentence. It is common to read too quickly or to misread the qualifying word (e.g., most likely versus least likely, etc.). If you are running out of time, at least read the last sentence twice so you are clear on what is being asked of you. 

3. Use logic over acronyms. A recent survey showed that 70% of participants who failed the exam used acronyms. LEAP teaches you test logic rather than oversimplified acronyms. If you are using acronyms, it may be time for you to sign up for LEAP’s small group, interactive, live strategy class where you will become very familiar with test logic and ditch those unproven acronyms. Remember, human problems are rarely solved using acronyms! We have said this before and hope to reinforce this message given the data.

Exam Testing Partner

FAQ: I heard ASWB is changing their testing partner. When will this occur? Answer: ASWB will be ending their contract with Pearson Vue and will use PSI for test administration beginning January 2, 2024.  If you would prefer to test with Pearson VUE you must do so by December 15, 2023. Testing appointments in late…

Passed on my First Try

The video series was very helpful because it kept me engaged. I also read out loud from the comprehensive study guide and the DSM5 study guide. Most importantly, I learned about testing strategy for the clinical test. My score on the practice test improved after focusing on going slow through the question to identify and…