Passed on my First Try

The video series was very helpful because it kept me engaged. I also read out loud from the comprehensive study guide and the DSM5 study guide. Most importantly, I learned about testing strategy for the clinical test. My score on the practice test improved after focusing on going slow through the question to identify and…

Passed on my first try!

When I was in grad school, LEAP was recommended by my university to help study for the masters exam and I’m so glad that I decided to take their advice. LEAP’s comprehensive study guide goes over all the things that can easily be forgotten over the years of schooling, but doesn’t overload you with too…

Passed on my first try

Only used the clinical LEAP book and passed my first try. The test is hard. Read through the book a few times. And it is worth it. Take away some of your experience and really think about the core of social work and state requirements. Our practice policies can sometimes over complicate it. I am…

Tiffany B.

I used Leap for all three exams (Bachelor, Master’s, & Clinical) and I passed all three exams the first time taking it. Leap material really helped with all the required content areas and practice questions that ensured I was ready for the exams. Tiffany B.Minnesota

Marianne F

I am so grateful to LEAP for all the excellent study materials that was a match for my learning disabilities. I’m a visual learner, process information at a slower rate than other learners. For this reason, I was so appreciative of the video study guide that made the material very clear, in the way I…

Patty D.

Thank you LEAP for the videos and recommending the practice exam which I took to help me prepare for the Cliincal Social Work exam. I took the exam for the third time and finally passed as for the first time I felt more confident due the my preparation with LEAP. Patty D.MA


Thanks to LEAP I passed my state licensure exam this week! The study guide and videos were great resource tools to learn the content! I would recommend these tools to anyone that is studying for the exam!! KelliKentucky