This made all the difference


I did not pass my exam a few months back missing it by 3 questions and used a totally different company which I felt still did not prepare me well. I was at a loss because it has been so long since I have been in school. I called my local chapter of SW to see if they knew of any courses in our area that I could take. There wasn’t however the President of our Chapter recommended LEAP allowing me to borrow his materials and shared that he and two other people had passed and felt this program was a great asset to their studying. After going over his book I decided to buy my own with the DVD and the diagnostic book. I not only passed my exam I increased the number correct by a substantial amount. I felt very prepared and the materials that are presented in this program are what is needed for the exam.
I highly recommend this program and will pay it forward to any of my colleagues who are preparing for their exam.

New York