Thank You LEAP!


I passed my clinical exam today and can now say that I am an LCSW-C! I took the test about four months ago and failed by 3 points. At that time, I was using another well-known company’s study material. I invested quite a bit of money in them, and felt it would be worth it if it helped me pass. I remember at times feeling a bit overwhelmed, because there was so much material and in hindsight, the format was, well, just a lot…
I heard about LEAP products from another social worker. She raved about LEAP and highly recommended them. I checked out the website and was quite impressed with the products. I loved being able to read excerpts from their study guide as well as answer some sample questions. More impressive was the fact that the material is written by social workers for social workers. Sold! I purchased the clinical study guide, the diagnostic guide, and an online exam. (I also purchased an online exam through ASWB.) The material in LEAP’s books was formatted in a much easier and more reader-friendly way, compared to my prior study guides/books. And again, I can’t over emphasize the fact that the material was written by social workers. I was able to pick up on that many many times throughout my studying.
Preparing for this exam is quite a big deal. There’s anxiety and a time factor involved. There’s so much to review and retain. I say this because I truly believe that this time around, although it was “me” who passed, through my own efforts, commitment, and perseverance, it was the LEAP products that gave me the confidence to push through.
If you’re contemplating which study material to invest in, choose LEAP. You won’t be disappointed.
Good luck everyone! (And don’t give up!)