Thank you LEAP


Thank you LEAP for a really comprehensive collection of materials. I purchased the audio CD’s study guide, online exams and DSM study guide. I may have over done it! But by consistently reviewing material (between 2-4 hours on most days, for approximately 2 months), I am so happy to share with you and any one who is considering the financial commitment of Leap products that on December 1st I passed the MSW licensure examination, on my first attempt.
I like many others, I have test anxiety and I had procrastinated since graduation in May of this year about when, how and if I could/should take the LMSW. My advice to anyone prone to procrastination and wary of the financial investment is to first book an examination date to work towards (this really helped my focus),and then to purchase LEAP products. It worked for me and I am sure a large part of why was that I had a structure to my studying (something I had struggled with using other study materials). In retrospect I probably did not need all of the materials that I ordered, but I urge anyone reading this to think about how they learn and mix and match their products accordingly. I study better alone, and although this works for me it can feel rather intense and isolating, because there is no getting away from the fact that it is all on you. Recognize your own personal study style and go for it. If asked I would say that I found the audio tapes and online examinations to be the most useful for me. This is I am sure because It felt more proactive and the voices on the CD’s became old friends sharing my journey. I (incidentally) do not have a BSW and I am an older graduate in my fifties. Don’t be daunted by the amount of information you are flooded with – you graduated, you can and will do this.