Special Thanks For The Phone Assistance

“As promised, I am e-mailing you to report in with my results. I ordered the comprehensive study guide a month ago or so, studied it like crazy, and passed the exam this past Saturday. Just for some background, I graduated with my MSW degree nearly 9 years ago and for a variety of mishaps and life events, I never managed to get my supervision settled to where I could take the exam. So when I finally had it scheduled, I knew I had my work cut out for me in terms of trying to refresh my memory. Your study guide was thorough, up-to-date in terms of new treatments and medications, and very helpful. It saved me from digging through boxes in my basement on a search for old textbooks. Thank you!

And, in particular, I must mention a special thanks to the gal that I spoke with on the phone on the day that I ordered the study guide. I’m sorry – I don’t recall her name, but she was very helpful in terms of discussing general preparation for taking this exam and understood my concern for being out school for so long. She provided some helpful study tips and it felt like I was talking to an MSW classmate, which was very nice. And in particular, an extra note of thanks to her for actually chasing the postman down the street to ensure that my study guide landed in my mailbox in a timely manner! I was in a time crunch and she went the extra mile for me. Thank you!!!

Keep up the great work. I’ll definitely recommend you in the future.”

Jerri C.