My license journey:

I graduated with my MSW in 2013. After 3 failed exam attempts, I was officially defeated and seriously considering a career choice. I made the decision to move cross country to California and was an ABA therapist for 4 years. I finally moved back to Maryland in April of this year and decided it was time to face reality and tackle the beast that is the LMSW exam.

I found LEAP thank the heavens above. In June I purchased the study guide in as well as the video featuring the famous Kim and Matt. I officially signed up for my exam and I got to studying. Being as I was only doing ABA in California, I pretty much felt like I had to retract myself everything from my social work education. Towards the end of my studying, I purchased online exam A and didn’t do so hot. I knew I still had about a week and I half and I tackled the information from the exam that I felt I needed more time on.

Yesterday, I took my exam and PASSED. I couldn’t believe it!!! I was so nervous the entire time. A lot of my question in the beginning seemed to be a lot about community and organizational planning and I felt like I BARELY studied that. When I saw the word PASS on the screen, it took everything in me to remain quiet in the testing room and contain my excitement.

I cannot thank LEAP enough for the study materials and I will definite be returning in the future for my LCSW exam (not that I’m in any hurry even though my test anxiety is slightly subdued) THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU LEAP!!

Yours truly,
Roxanna, LGSW 🙂