LEAP materials are by far the best in the industry. I spent a while researching other exam prep materials and none compared with LEAP. I took the Clinical ASWB exam and purchased the Clinical Comprehensive study guide, audio course, and diagnostic summary guide. Each one of these items offered something that the others did not, and served as a great comprehensive study guide all together in studying for my exam. The materials arrived within a week of purchase, and were very nice. I studied for 1 month 3-5 hours/day. I listened to all 6 CD’s twice all the way through, got through the Comprehensive study guide almost 2 times all the way through, and read the diagnostic summary guide once all the way through. I also took the practice test in the back of the Comprehensive study guide before I started studying to see what my weak areas were. It is so nice because after the test, it gives you all the answers and the rational for why those are the correct answers and others are the wrong ones. I also did all 90 vignette questions in the diagnostic summary guide, they were very helpful in testing my knowledge of the DSM. LEAP recommends that you get through the entire study guide 3 times all the way through before taking the exam, I completely agree with this and would give yourself about 3 months to study. I have seen my friend’s study materials and they are not nearly as comprehensive as the LEAP materials. I passed my first time with an 85% (and you only need a 70% to pass in the state of UT.) So I passed with flying colors!! I know it is because of LEAP that I passed my exam. Thank you!!!!!!