Passed on 1st Try


Where do I begin? If it was not for pray and the LEAP book I don’t know if I would have passed on my first try. So when I first scheduled for my test I scheduled for June 23 on May 9th. As the weeks went by I decided to check to make sure what day I was scheduled for as I was unsure if I scheduled it for the 23rd or 24th. It turned out that I wasn’t scheduled at all. So I called the Pearson customer service and she had informed me that indeed that I was not scheduled at all. She also informed me that the 23rd was gone but the 17th of June had just open up. That would only give me a week worth of studying. And I needed to pass the test before the month of July so that I could job hunt for the whole month of July as a LMSW. So I studied literally for a week and and took the leap practice exam A and B as well as the ASWB practice exam. I also utilized the pocket prep app to practice questions. Not only that I spoke to Ms Kym and she gave me tips on how to answer the first, next, and best questions. I also used breathing exercises to help manage my anxiety. On June 17th, 2017, I was happy to see that the congratulations come across the screen. I was required to pass the test with 95 correct answers and I passed with 104. And this was with a week of studying. When I get ready to take my LCSW I will also be using LEAP as my study material. Thank you Ms. Kym for making such an incredible book.

-Samuel Newman, LMSW