One and done!


I took the live class in Phoenix, AZ in 05/2015, around the time I graduated with my MSW. I heeded the advice about taking the exam as soon as possible after graduation, although I was disappointed to find out that, in Oregon, the LMSW exam was not required before accumulating hours toward the LCSW. I was also a bit nervous because I have since worked in child welfare rather than in a clinical setting.

I began studying in January, and requested permission from the board to take the exam early (at 75 supervision hours). I read through the LEAP guide multiple times as suggested and I even ordered the DSM-5 summary guide. I did use a wide variety of study materials including the ASWB practice exam and practice exams available through other sites. It was all worth it, though, because on May 1st, I passed the clinical exam on my first try. I took two hours to answer the questions and took 30 minutes to review my answers.

The end result: I needed to answer 99 questions correctly and I had 114! The relief! My hands were shaking so bad, I had to sit in the car for at least ten minutes to regain my composure. The exam was pretty challenging as I kept vacillating between two answers and I had to fight my own anxiety and negative self talk. Now I am well on my way to private practice. Dreams do come true. If I can do it, so can you!

Roxanna D.