I LEAPed last minute!

I passed with 127 questions correct for the ASWB exam on a test with a pass point of 95 questions, I annihilated the test! I purchased 3 other types of testing methods before LEAP and felt that each covered some of the material well but glossed over other areas, even after combining them i still felt uneasy and ill-prepared. The day before Easter I began to panic and found LEAP online at midnight and ordered the ebook and test A. At 9am Easter Sunday the materials were available for me to begin studying with my ASWB test Wednesday at 8am. I was so impressed by how thorough the guide was, there were charts and clear definitions, then practical examples to help me to clearly understand. I reviewed the material 3 times and took the practice exam, then i reviewed again and took test A. For every missed question-the correct answer is shown with the reason for its selection, but also the explanation why the other answers are not the best selection are also included, some questions have multiple answers that are very close and it really helped with those subtle distinctions! Then I reviewed the items I missed from both tests. Passing was critical to me because it means a promotion and out of state transfer with my company. Failing would have cost me that opportunity and with the other materials I would have surely failed. Thank you so much! I will absolutely be returning for my LCSW exam materials!

K. Hill
New Mexico