Hi Everyone,

I wanted to write a quick testimonial to express how the LEAP products helped me pass the licensing exam ON THE FIRST TRY! I used the MSW Exam Prep and DSM-5 books along with the audio CDs. The detailed information in the written materials coincided very well with the CDs (which I listened to over and over for a few months). Understanding that I am an auditory learner w/visual a close second, the two modalities of materials worked together (along with my focused, concerted studying efforts) to secure the information firmly in my mind. The material has not just been memorized–for the test–I now own it; I know I will successfully utilize it going forward in each of my future amazing endeavors.

Thank you LEAP for the helpful & encouraging telephone staff, affordable products and all you do to help licensing/certification candidates like myself achieve their dreams! I am thankful and grateful for your assistance.


New York