LEAP Came to the Rescue

“I took and passed the Arizona MSW licensing exam April 2. I attribute a great amount of that success to your study guide with its practice test and your December workshop in Phoenix I attended… When I began preparing for my exam I was a mess. Desperate, I ordered a study aid which was two large binders targeted for psychologists and social workers. It only confounded my difficulties. Two additional aids still were of no help. Since I had a 4.0+ grade average, and was constantly reminded that my research papers did not have to be comprehensive, I knew my problem was not insufficient knowledge but an inability to condense information and over-analyzing questions.

Fortunately, a former classmate told me about your products. As an older student, there was always that nagging idea that maybe I wasn’t up to it. Your workbook and workshop provided the guidance I needed to dismiss that notion and thereby pass the exam, for which I am very grateful.

In the December workshop I was impressed and appreciated your attentiveness and willingness to help as well as Dr. Delewski’s ability to merge and condense academic and practice knowledge and then present it in a succinct manner.”

Tom D.