LEAP is the Best!


I received my MSW over many years ago. In that time, I have purchased several other study guides for the Masters-level exam. Nothing compares to LEAP. Before purchasing LEAP, I failed the exam several times. The other study guides did not compare. Much of the content in these guides were not even on the exam. I became depressed, and gave up on the idea of ever becoming licensed. After 2 years, I decided to try again. I decided to purchase the study guide, online exam, and CD’s from LEAP. I studied for 3 months and listened to the cd’s on my commute to and from work daily. On the day of the exam, I was literally shaking. Before entering the testing center, I was able to breath slowly and remember to tips I read in the study guide to ease my anxiety. Finally, I passed! When the shock wore off, I began to cry tears of joy. I am finally an LMSW!

Thank you LEAP for helping me advance my career!