I passed!


I would have not passed this exam without the support and book that I purchased from Leap! My first test I failed by a few questions which discouraged me from retaking it because I really thought I did well. I researched to find material that may help me and I ran across Leap. I was still not confident, but I was desperate for any help I could get. Leap advised me to read many times and then call before my test. I reviewed the book briefly here and there, but due to personal issues I wanted to reschedule the test for a later date to prepare thoroughly. I was informed that was not a option, I would have to forfeit my money and repay to schedule at a later date. I was devastated and had two days before the test. I studied all day and night, more time would be recommended. On my way to to the test, I called Kim in a panic and she spend 30 minutes or more on the phone with me, reviewing, giving me examples and answering my questions. She encouraged me that I can do this! While taking the test I reflected back to our discussion and did exactly what she told me to do. It is extremely difficult because I felt as there was always two possible good answers to every question, so I had to reflect back to the information Kim instilled in me. At the end of the test, I hit the button to submit waiting to see the words FAIL and instead I saw PASS!! The long ride home in a traffic jam and the high parking rate no longer mattered, I had perma grin and no one could change that. I have Kim and the book to thank for my success!! Thank you so much and I wish I would have found this site the first time I tested, it would have eliminated my stress all together. The support is amazing, Thank you again Leap! I hesitate purchasing anything from the internet because I feel it make be a gimmick, but I am here to tell you Leap is real and so very helpful. I PASSED AND SO CAN YOU, THANK YOU LEAP!