I Chose LEAP for Social Work Study Material

“I had been out of school for eleven years, and knew I was facing a huge task in preparing myself for the test. After researching the best materials available to facilitate the study process I chose to purchase LEAP’s study guide. When I called to discuss the purchase, an individual with LEAP spent time on the phone with me walking me through the study process; providing me with important tips and areas of focus to assist me as I began the long journey toward test readiness. One month prior to taking the test I contacted LEAP again to ask for assistance in ascertaining where I was in the process as far as test readiness. LEAP, once again, provided fantastic guidance and advice. I am happy to announce I successfully passed the LSCSW exam on my first try yesterday!! The material provided in the study guide was extremely beneficial, and undoubtedly made the difference between my passing or failing the exam. The practice test was very useful.”

Sara B.