Great test prep for people who graduated a long time ago!


I graduated with my MSW over 8 years ago, and took my Licensing exam for the first time today… and passed! I wish I had taken the exam years ago, when the information was fresh in my head. However, some of us are great at procrastinating. At this point, I was afraid of the test prep because I figured that most of it would be geared towards recent graduates and that I would have to go dig through my old texts to re-learn the material. This test prep package was ideal. I didn’t have to rely on any additional studying resources. I followed the instructions, and dedicated about an hour a day to studying for the last 3 months. I failed quite a few practice tests in the beginning, so it was clear that I really needed a program like this one. If you’re like me, I recommend purchasing the study guide, plus the Diagnostic Summary Guide, and then taking the online Exam A about a week or so before your scheduled test date. I was under a lot of pressure to pass, I have poor memory skills, and I have been working in a specialized area of SW for many years. With all of those factors, I didn’t think I would pass this exam on the first try – but I scored 125 out of 170!

New York