Finally passed!!! Couple of points: graduated with BSW in 1997, passed Ohio basic LSW after three attempts; graduated with MSW in 2001 but decided not to pursue the Masters level license due to past traumatic experience. Moved to PA in 2007, and decided to give it a try. Studied, used multiple guides, but FAILED miserably!!! Anxiety set in!! Didn’t need the license for my current position, so I decided not go through that experience again. About a year ago heard about the LEAP program via a former classmate who failed the exam over five times, he enrolled in their program and passed. Thought I would looking into LEAP. Spoke to Kim at length and I decided to purchase the study guide, and CD’s. Per Kim’s instruction I studied for three months, 5 days a week reading the study guide book 2 hrs daily, and listened to one CD daily for two months. Which I did while on my lunch break. Sure there were days I decided not to study!! Rested!! I was extremely anxious prior to the exam, and was shaking. Sat for the Masters level exam and FAILED by only two questions. Spoke to Kim after, she reassured me that I knew the material, which I did; but needed to address issues relating to my anxiety. So, second time around used the Study Guide to focus on the areas of weakness (two chapters), addressed issues of anxiety by reviewing test questions (over and over and over). Only listened to specific CD’s related to my areas of weakness. Did this for little over a month prior to exam. Sat for the exam and PASSED!!! For many folks anxiety is major issue to overcome to pass exams, its not that you don’t know the material! I hope my experience helps. Don’t throw in the towel, keep trying, even if you fail after studying, and finally thanks to several long conversations with Kim and THEIR study package I did it!!! FINALLY!!!!

Bobby K.