Finally Passed the LGSW Exam

“After being disappointed for years without passing the LGSW exam after a number of attempts, today, Wednesday, May 16, 2012, I finally passed the LGSW exam!!! I learned to keep being consistent, stay focused, trust, and believe that I can pass the exam and will not let anything stand in my way of accomplishing my goal this time around. I suffer from test anxiety and did not want to admit this in the past. However, I was able to get that under control by utilizing breathing and guided imagery for example and here I am today, a licensed social worker! There was something about taking this particular exam that made me so anxious and prevented me from passing the exam before!

I learned so much from LEAP’s study guide, the LEAP prep course, and the LEAP online practice exam. These tools helped me tremendously in preparing for my exam. I want to thank LEAP for all they have done. They all have been wonderful! Kym has been great throughout the years! I want to say if you are working hard to try to pass and you have tried everything, but have not passed, trust me I have been there! Keep trying and do not give up because hard work does pay off in the end. You will pass!!!”

Kim W.
Washington, DC