Finally Did It!


Here’s the truth: The LEAP program offered a two day conference for the Licensing Exam Prep at a University near me. I took it when I was finally getting around to accepting I was going to have to take this. That was about 4 years ago. Then I procrastinated. Took the test about 2 years after that and did not study like I should have and deserved a failing score.

Then I tried again – and studied but probably not like I should have and failed again! Now I was mad and determined. DSM 5 came out – and I went to the same LEAP conference and got the new material. My cohorts even gave me all their own material and I studied ways to answer the questions, ways to understand how to think like they want you to for the purpose of the test and felt more confident. Studied even better but missed passing by two points.

I was devastated. Not to mention feeling like maybe SW shouldn’t be my profession – but I know that I’m a good social worker and that literally this is about the material that is provided all in this LEAP guide.

SO with the pressure on – I exclusively studied with the LEAP guide. I followed their advice for the first time and read and reread the book, I asked for help studying, and received lots of support. Everyday I studied for at least one hour for two months. Carried the book with me everywhere I went. I broke up all the sections and focused a week on each section, at least an hour everyday. My husband quizzed me.

Day before exam I purchased Practice Exam A (with a $10 off coupon!) and did not do well but then I spent the rest of the day looking up all the answers I missed, and why I missed them… took their other un-timed test and did much better.

Not only did I pass, but with flying colors. WHAT A RELIEF. It’s over – I can continue to be a good fully licensed social worker:) This program is all that we need. Seriously. Thank you to the ladies of LEAP that accommodated me through email and thank you for the excellent material that I had all along 🙂