Do Not Lose Hope!


“I PASSED my LGSW exam for MD in 2011. The whole exam package was very helpful. I had the 6 CDs which I listened to in the car ALWAYS, I studied the comprehensive guide 3 1/2 times and I devoted over 3 months in the studies. I took the practice test initially as you had suggested before studing, my score then was not very strong, then after studing the book twice I took the online clinical practice test exam which was better. I studied more and then took the practice test again, then I became confident in myself . Everything was very helpful. I have taken this exam four times and have always not made it by 2-7 points. This time, I did cross over and with a big margin. I have bridged the gap that people with English as their second language cannot succeed in such tasking exams! And to my fellow colleagues who have been struggling, DO NOT LOSE HOPE!! Continue trying. Remember-Continue to assess the situation. That became my mantra at some point.

Thanks Kym again for putting out the materials for ME. I feel so much empowered to continue on my career path and doing what I love doing-SOCIAL WORK. God bless you all.”