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Seven years ago I graduated with my MSW and took the clinical licensing exam within two months of graduation as allowed by the state of Utah. I passed and have been working in the field since then accruing my 4000 hours. I finally had all my hours and applied to DOPL earlier this year only to learn I had taken the wrong licensing exam seven years prior. I was devastated and hysterical since the work we do in the field differs from what we learn in the classroom. In order to sit for the DSM-IV-TR exam I had five weeks to study and take the exam before the July 1st deadline.

After attempting to study on my own with various study materials, I consistently failed the practice tests. After speaking with my local NASW chapter and my alma mater, they recommended LEAP. I called Kym and she was confident I would be able to pass the exam within the five week time frame with LEAP’s study materials. I ordered the manual and Exam A. I read through the book once frantically, spoke to Kym again who suggested I read it only once more, but purposefully and methodically and take the practice exam. I got a 74% on the practice exam. (75% is passing.) I sat for the real exam a week later. I needed to answer 99 questions to pass and I answered 111 correctly.

While I certainly spent all my waking hours studying, I am confident that the reason I passed is because I was studying with the right materials. I wholeheartedly recommend LEAP to social workers everywhere.