Amy K.

I attended a zoom meeting study group hosted by Kym and found this study group to be quite helpful and informative. Kym presented the material in a manner that made sense and help me understand the critical thinking process of the testing process. I also purchased the LEAP audio and video presentation, presented by Kym and Matt along with the LEAP study guide. I found the audio and video presentation extremely helpful. I was able to listen in my car while traveling to work and around and in the comforts of my home. The material was presented with care and understanding and while taking the exam, I could hear Kym and Matt in my head. I originally purchased the material in February 2023 as I was scheduled to take the LCSW exam in March. Unfortunately, I did not pass, missing it by 8 points. I requested a waiver to re-take the exam before the 90 days and the waiver was granted. I called LEAP and Kym returned my call and my testing material (video and audio) was reset to where I could utilize the material again. I took the LCSW exam on April 29, 2023, and I am happy to report I passed the LCSW exam! So much stress has been relieved!! I am truly grateful to Kym, Matt, and the entire LEAP staff for taking the time to create this material and help those of us who have struggled with the LMSW/LCSW exam process. Thank you and best wishes to all those struggling with the test. Do Not Give UP!

Amy K., LCSW