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The Social Workers’ First Responsibility


A social worker has been working with a family who has a 16-year-old son. The son has a
previous history of drug use. During an individual session, the son tells the social worker he
has started using drugs again. In this situation, the social worker’s FIRST responsibility is

A.  Maintain the son’s confidentially
B.  Assess the son’s drug use
C.  Disclose this information to the parents
D.  Ask the son to identify the reasons for resuming drugs


The correct answer is “B” – Assess the son’s drug use. The question asks about the social
worker’s FIRST responsibility. Before the social worker takes any action, it is important to make
a careful assessment of the son’s current drug use. Maintaining the son’s confidentiality (answer
“A”) is not the best answer as the question asks for the social worker’s FIRST responsibility in
this situation, which is to gather information regarding drug use. The son’s response may guide
the social worker’s subsequent actions or decisions. Disclosing the information to his parents
(answer “C”) is not the best answer because the social worker needs to assess the young man’s
drug use before taking any further action. Asking the son the reasons he has resumed drugs
(answer “D”) is not the BEST answer. This choice can fall under the assessment process, but
answer “B” is a better option as it is more encompassing.

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