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Test Tips – Narrowing Down the Answers (Part 2)

Part 2 of 3 (Part 1 was reviewed in the previous week. Part 3 will be reviewed next week)

For the questions that have two good answer options, LEAP suggests you utilize certain strategies, some of which are outlined in this week’s test tips and are as follows:  

If the question pertains to a client harming himself or others opt for the answer that relates to reporting the issue to legal authorities immediately (e.g. abuse or neglect of a minor or dependent adult).  

Eliminate answers that sound judgmental.  

Opt for consulting with a colleague if “stuck” on an issue with a client.  

Opt for talking with a colleague first when he or she is acting unprofessionally unless it would be harmful to do so or if there is a serious legal and/or ethical violation that must be reported immediately.  

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