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Test Tips – When to Report and What to do First

In general, opt for reporting issues regarding abuse, neglect, or harm to self or others to legal authorities. Ensure you have asked questions and done your due diligence in gathering information BEFORE you report! The last thing you want to be is that social worker who was responsible for removing a child from a home without checking the facts or knowing there was a very serious situation going on. If the question indicates there is a history of violence or imminent danger, report it. Otherwise, gather more information to ensure you are not acting prematurely. “Obtaining more information” and “seeking clarification” are other ways to express the same concept. Any wording that reflects this overall concept should be considered for the correct answer choice. The bottom line is we want to treat all parties with respect and ascertain, within the scope of our practice, if an individual is in real danger based on careful assessment. ©LEAP

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