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Test Tips – First and Next

Remember words such as first and next often mean the same thing on the exam. Let’s discuss in real-life terms. Let’s say that you and I are out to lunch and I am telling you about a situation in which a man asked me out for dinner. Then, I say to you, “What’s the next thing I should say to him?” In this situation, that would be just like me saying, “What’s the first thing I should say to him.” Or, “What do I do now?” See, all of those keywords really mean the same thing which is: “Given the scenario, what should I do now?” And, you will literally choose the one that needs to happen first, chronologically. In this case, I first need to decide if I want to go out with him before I respond.  There may be an exception to this rule, but in almost all cases you can view these keywords the same. ©LEAP 

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