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Test Tips – Narrowing Down the Answers (Part 1)

Part 1 of 3 (part 2 next week)

For the questions that have two good answer options, LEAP suggests you utilize certain strategies, some of which are outlined in this week’s test tips and are as follows:

If an answer refers to assessment (e.g. “continue to assess the situation” or “gather more information” or “seek clarification”), typically you will choose that answer.

In general, do not choose an answer that contains extreme wording such as always, never, must, etc. However, there are some exceptions to this rule (e.g. “It is never appropriate to engage in sexual activity with a client.”).

If an answer has more professional wording (e.g. sounds as if it came from a textbook), typically you will choose that answer.

Opt for an answer that refers to cultural differences only if it makes sense.

Opt for an answer that empowers the client and/or honors the client’s right to self-determination (unless harm to self or others is an issue).

Opt for answers that “empower”, “empathize”, or “support” the client. The correct answer may also be something like: “Acknowledge the client’s concerns.” These keywords are often found in the correct answer for questions that ask, “What is the first thing the social worker should do?” This is a VERY important test strategy! ©LEAP

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