The term “Pass Guarantee” is a misnomer that certain companies use to lure customers in to buy their product. There is no such thing as a true pass guarantee. When you read the fine print, you will see that what is described by these companies under a pass guarantee is simply a limited refund policy. A true pass guarantee would guarantee that everyone who uses their product and takes the exam will pass. This is not offered by these companies. In addition, these refund policies (i.e. Pass Guarantees) come with many stipulations including requiring that you prove that you studied for a certain number of months, buy the higher priced packages, prove you completed their practice exams numerous times, turn in your fail score within a certain period of time, and pay the shipping and restocking fees. In addition, only some of the materials can be partially refunded. In fact, the requirements are such that only a handful of people qualify for this so-called “pass guarantee.” In addition, when people fail the exam, they want to keep the materials they do have because they made notes in them and do not want to lose their own work. Subsequently, even the few that qualify for this partial refund with these companies still do not send the material back. We firmly believe that if we called our refund policy a “pass guarantee” we would anger customers when they learned what they have to go through to get a portion of their money back and that there was really no guarantee of passing. We want our customers to be happy, so we have chosen a different approach.

The LEAP Promise

LEAP believes in developing the highest quality product possible rather than engaging in “gimmicky” marketing practices such as a “pass guarantee.” We update our products several times per year to keep up with the current trends. Other companies write one book for the different mental health professions and then change the cover and key words in the book (i.e. social worker) for each discipline. LEAP products are written for social workers by social workers. We also use an independent company to track our pass rates, which helps us to measure the quality of our products without bias.

LEAP offers the best customer service in the industry. We have a refund policy and we call it a refund policy. We have an extremely high level of customer satisfaction. All of the testimonials on our Website are REAL. We look forward to you passing the exam. You need the best materials and have come to the right place.