LEAP prepares social work exam questions to assist social workers in preparing to take the licensing exam.  Practice exams a valuable way to assess readiness for the exam.

Social Work Exam Questions

Question of the Week

Social Work Exam Questions
Older individuals are often misdiagnosed with Alzheimer’s when, in fact, the more accurate diagnosis is
a. Anxiety
b. Depression
c. Thyroid Disorder
d. Delerium

The correct answer is #2 – Depression. Approximately 55% of the elderly suffer from depression and are often misdiagnosed with Alzheimer’s or Dementia. Anxiety (answer #1) is not correct, although anxiety can be a problem

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Study Tip of the Week

While group study is fun, effective and integral to the study process, nothing can replace the individual study time that you need to pass the exam.  LEAP recommends that you make this individual study time a priority and that you real all of the material in your study guide in addition to any group study sessions.

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