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Assessing Risk


An important factor to be considered when assessing risk for child maltreatment is

A. Parental personality
B. Religiosity of parents
C. Neighborhood
D. Traditional vs. nontraditional marriage


The correct answer is “A” – Parental personality. There is evidence in the literature that certain
personality characteristics (e.g., low tolerance for frustration or low capacity for empathy) are
associated with child maltreatment. The religiosity of parents (answer ‘B”) is not correct because
the religiosity of the parents is typically not a factor on its own unless there is information to
suggest that this is the case. Neighborhood (answer “C”) is not correct because, while the
neighborhood environment can be a factor, parental personality is more important than the neighborhood. Traditional vs. nontraditional marriage (answer “D”) is not correct because there
is no research to indicate that the type of marriage (traditional vs. nontraditional) would
contribute to child maltreatment.

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