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Ronnie is a 28-year-old male who has been using heroin for the past 5 years. His family has
tried to help him to get clean, but after a few months, Ronnie returns to using. His parents
complain they have spent so much time dealing with Ronnie’s addiction that they have
neglected their other children. He has stolen from his family members to obtain money to
support his addiction. Family members are suffering in silence because they don’t want to
their friends to know they are struggling with Ronnie. Which of the following are not common effects of addiction on family members?

A. Anger
B. Guilt and shame
C. Adjusting family dynamics to the needs of the addicted person
D. Covering up for Ronnie’s behaviors


The correct answer is “D” – Covering up for Ronnie’s behaviors. This behavior is not
specifically noted in the scenario. “A”, “B”, and “C” are all consistent with the effects of
addiction on family remembers that are related to all of the other answer options.

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