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Addiction or?


Jonathan is a 25-year-old married male whose wife told him he had to go to counseling
or his “marriage was over”. Jonathan thinks that his wife is “over-reacting”. Jonathan
likes to play a couple of popular video games. He plays after work for a “few hours after
dinner”. According to his wife, Jonathan spends at least 6-7 hours a night and doesn’t get
into bed until 2-3 a.m. Jonathan ‘has to play daily’ in order to stay competitive. He gets
frustrated when he cannot go online. His wife reports Jonathan is “totally preoccupied”
with these games and talks of nothing else. Jonathan says his wife nags him so much that he
is only happy these days when he is playing on the internet. Jonathan’s behavior is
indicative of the following:

A. Internet Addiction
B. Internet Dependence
C. Video Gaming Abuse
D. Media Addiction


The correct answer is “A” Internet Addiction. Jonathan’s behaviors are consistent with others
who use the internet to excess and create relationship difficulties. “B” – Internet Dependence,
“C” – Video Gaming Abuse, and “D” – Media Addiction are all incorrect. There are no specific
labels associated with the behaviors presented.

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